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The Bias of the AP

September 12, 2008 · 2 Comments

So the event I attended last night basically got zero media attention, first because it was on MTV, but second because apparently Sarah Palin was busy flubbing about what the Bush Doctrine means.

But of the media coverage… on an event that was split 50/50 in terms of time allotted to the candiate, THIS is the official story from the Associated Press.

A brief content analysis shows that McCain’s name is mentioned 9 times, and he gets the photo, the lead, the close, and shares the headline.

Obama’s name is mentioned 4 times, and his views at the event are not discussed until the final two paragraphs (and McCain still gets the close on them!)

Now, it may seem most newsworthy that McCain, also a Republican, would be critical of Bush for not asking his country to serve.  But goddamnit, Obama holds the same criticism of Bush!

It’s just one article, but it’s the Associated Press, and it’s by-lined by two reporters.  Presumably they watched the first hour when McCain spoke, then went and caught drinks.  Because this is not objective or balanced reporting.

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  • Xdm // September 15, 2008 at 3:23 pm | Reply

    Um..*cough* seriously? I opened up the WaPo this weekend and flipped the pages scanning the headlines and the pro-Obamaness of it all was overt to the point of punching me in the face with newsprint. Palin overcharged state, Palin made Enemies wherever She went, Palin Stealing headlines from Biden while he struggles to be heard on real issues, Obama Poops Golden Nuggets… Ap ain’t Fox news quite yet.

  • Jon // September 15, 2008 at 5:07 pm | Reply

    Well if you want to argue that the media is biased against palin that’s a seperate argument. I think strategically palin was a diversive pick to distract some of the national media from Obama . But the point was that both candidates spoke in idwentical formats on the same topic in the same allotted time period, and the story is all McCain. That’s a clear bias. Now, it’s also one data point, but you don’t have many opportunities when both candidates have equal opportunity for coverage like this… The whole point of campaigning is capturing attention, and the republicans have done a much better job of that , as reflected in recent polls. Obama still has a better ground game and biden is working local media in swing states, but it’s hard to compete for national attention when the ap isn’t reporting on your activities.

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